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Who We Are

PDI Board of Directors

Annette Zaale Champney (Founder & President), Boston, Massachusetts
Annette is born and raised in Bududa, Uganda.  Annette holds a M.S. in International Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University.  She is currently working with World Education in the USA as Project Manager where she manages a USAID OVC and Youth project.  Armed with a personal story of overcoming the odds that were stuck against her, Annette’s 18 year career has been working with vulnerable populations especially those made vulnerable by HIV/Aids, children youth, and women.

Holly Shepherd (Treasurer US Board), Boston, Massachusetts
Holly Shepherd holds a B.S. in International Development from American University and an MPH from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Holly is a Program Director at the South African Development Fund where she supports programs in advocacy for HIV prevention science and government accountability.  Holly has over fifteen years’ experience in public health and specifically HIV/AIDS.  Holly worked in Uganda for two years and in East Africa for six years in local capacity building, HIV/AIDS prevention and support and orphans and vulnerable children programs.  

Olive Otete (Founder Member), Kampala, Uganda
Olive Otete holds a Master of Laws Degree of Makerere University, Kampala.  She is an international consultant in the specialized legal field of legislative drafting. She currently works as Managing Director with LDR Consultants, a legal consulting firm based in Kampala. Olive has worked as a Consultant with various Governments and institutions including the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Uganda, the World Bank, United Nations Development Program and the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation under the Commonwealth Secretariat. Olive has passion to mobilize underprivileged persons into forming savings and loan groups as a way of alleviating extreme poverty. Olive helped found two successful savings and investment associations in Kampala namely Ensemble Development Company and East Savers Development Company. Olive was born and raised in Bududa District in Uganda. She lives in Kampala, Uganda with her husband and 4 children.

Moses Mooya Treasurer Uganda Board
Moses holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology Uganda Baptist Seminary, Diploma in Business from Uganda Cooperative college Kigumba and a Certificate in Project planning and Management. Moses comes with extensive experience in orphans and vulnerable children programming, community organizing, and community economic strengthening.  In addition with his work experience, Moses’ passion for community is seen in many of his efforts: he co-worked a number of organizations namely Friends of Christ Revival Ministries (FOC-REV) that spearheaded community HIV/AIDS in Busia district, Girl child Empowerment Program (GEAP) in Busia District to support the education of girls and reduce discrimination against women, Uganda Women Search for Common Ground (UWOSCOG) to promote the human rights of women girls and fight domestic violence. Currently Moses serves as the chair person for Bududa Micro finance team a beneficiary of Partnership Overseas Network Trusts UK (PONT).

David & Elizabeth Zaale, Bududa, Uganda
David & Elizabeth are founder members of PDI. They reside in Bududa and have been lifelong advocates for development in their district. David a retired high school teacher of 26 years recently served for 5 years as a Commissioner on the public service Board for the District.  Elizabeth served as women representative on the District Council for Mbale district and Bududa District. David & Elizabeth are ardent advocates of education. Elizabeth is specially a champion of women rights and girl child education and protection.  For the last 20 years, they have dedicated their fight for children’s rights, provided and sought help for some many children in their community, especially orphans and vulnerable children. They are the brainchild of the PDI education center.

Kelly Austin, Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Kelly Austin is a professor of Sociology and Health, Medicine, and Society at Lehigh University. Kelly's research focuses on health, gender, and environmental inequalities. She has published a number of articles looking at trends in malaria, HIV, and TB in less-developed nations. Some of her emerging work also examines other health issues such as indoor air pollution and mental illness in developing nations. Kelly has been working with PDI since 2012, where she has facilitated 8 week internships with students from Lehigh University at PDI every June & July. In addition, Kelly has helped to establish health and educational programs at PDI Education Center, including the dental hygiene program, and assisted with the Second Chance Education Program. Kelly's research in Bududa on malaria, landslides, mental health, and international volunteerism also informs programs at PDI and helps to promote well-being in the community.

Milton Kamoti, Bududa Uganda
Milton is the Executive Director of Arlington Academy of Hope, a renowned NGO in Bududa district which is credited with the transformation of the education landscape in Bududa district. Milton has been a lifelong advocate of community development, who has started many initiative including founding the Bududa Development Association, starting the first and only public library in the district.

Advisory Board           


• Ben Champney           

• Kristen Kelly           

• Stephen Majeme

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