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Where We Work

We currently work in Bududa District with a vision of expanding to other districts. Located in Eastern Uganda, Bududa District boasts of its green and mountainous landscape. The population is estimated to be 210,173 people (Census, 2014). Agriculture is the backbone of the economy; and the majority of the people are subsistence farmers.

The Challenge

Bududa District is struggling with many challenges including:
▪       A weak education system with 71% of children not making it past the 7th grade
▪       Large numbers of vulnerable children and youth at increased for risk for HIV/AIDS, neglect and abuse
▪       High teenage pregnancy rates with an average woman having her first child at age 14
▪       Harmful traditional practices including early marriage and child labor especially  for girls
▪       Exploding population, leading to food shortages and environmental degradation
▪       Frequent landslides that have caused over 1,000 deaths since 2010 with over 20,000 people displaced
▪       High birth rates with a young population that can’t be supported
▪       High numbers of households living below the poverty line

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