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Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs)

This is a two-year project being piloted in three sub counties of Bukigai, Bubiita & Bududa with intension of replicating the model to other sub-counties after 2014. Our target groups are: women, young adults school drop- outs, and underprivileged youth. The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of impoverished individuals and households in Bududa District to manage their financial resources and withstand shocks to their livelihoods through access to self- managed financial services with an intended outcome of the community engaging in education of the children.

The project targets the creation of 90 village savings and loan associations (VSLAs) reaching approximately 2250 beneficiaries over a period of two years. PDI plays the role of mobilizing and facilitating the formation and growth of savings groups, which work as group credit groups. We mobilize communities to join groups/create demand to join village saving and loan associations (VSLAS).

When groups are formed and functioning, PDI finds partners with the capabilities and expertise to help these groups grow and equip them with business development, entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills that enable these individuals or groups to invest in income generating activities with the primary goal of improving income, in order to invest and contribute to the education of their children. PDI also seeks other stakeholders and partners that can provide supplementary micro-finance loans for the groups that have successfully saved and organized to invest in small businesses or income generating activities.

If you are keen to support this project, you can donate on HERE

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