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Early Childhood Interventions

Second Chance Education Project (SCEP)

Second Chance Education Project (SCEP) project is part of PDI’s economic strengthening efforts for young women who are dropped out of formal education to provide them an alternative pathways of obtaining skills throw none formal education.

The SCEP specifically targets underserved adolescent girls and young women(AGYW) who have dropped out of school due to a range of circumstances largely: lack of school fees, unplanned pregnancies or parental cultural biases by parents towards girl education.  The high level of school dropout rates in Bududa district disproportionately affect young women whose alternatives are either marriage, or migration to urban areas  to work as domestic helpers; which predisposes  them to abuse by employers, and often end up with unplanned pregnancies.  

This project is funded by our Partner Forgirlsake, an organization that funds grassroots organization that promotes girls’ education.

SCEP scholarship recipientsOur current beneficiaries are enrolled in vocational and post -secondary institutions pursuing programs ranging from nursery and early childhood education, nursing, fashion and design, hotel and institutional catering and hairdressing. We as PDI family are elated to be part of these young women's journey. We believe that sometimes, maybe, it is that second chance that brings the greatest change in one's life

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