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Bududa flash flood landslide


Another sad day in our Community in Bududa. A landslide flash flood from the forest caused by a landslide that is suspected to have occurred in the forest, got the communities living along river Suume by surprise today. Many people are believed to have died including children in Sume Primary School.

For those who have been in the Zaale Homestay we are talking about the river by the Zaale's home.The Zaale immediate family is fine but our community is devastated once again- One of the communities mostly affected is in Bukalasi,an area called Naposhi, many of the women there belong to our PDI VSLA and Small Business program.  ​ Right now the community is in shock and trying to recover the bodies. We will know the numbers as we get the news. ​

PDI Board members on the ground are monitoring the situation and we will let you know if we find a specific need to respond to.

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