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Update on Bududa landslides and how you can support

For Those friends who may not be on our mailing list, for those who are, sorry for bombarding you with the same info.

As we shared earlier, it has been five days days since the destructive landslides in Bududa that have devastated the community. Here is the update and how PDI's plan to respond to support the community. So far forty (40) deaths have been confirmed but the death toll is expected to rise as many are still reported missing and rescue efforts are dismal.

Reportedly, as many as 150 homes have been buried including a local primary school; we are yet to determine how many of the children may have been in the school at the time and hundreds more have been displaced.

Some of the areas directly affected is home of many of our PDI Small Business Program beneficiaries, who either live or trade in those trading centers that were hit. Our staff has been reaching out to these members; thankfully some are alive although several lost their homes and or businesses. Unfortunately some can’t be reached yet; we are hoping and holding our breath that they are merely displaced and not among those missing.

As a community organization, we would like support the community through these hard times. We are looking to provide for emergency needs, but also if funds allow help the community rebuild. We are looking to support:

1. Emergency needs that may include blankets, clothes, food, water;

2. Reconstruct the semi-permanent bridge that connects Bubiita to Buwali. This bridge is a major access hundreds of children that attend Buwali Primary School and PDI Education Center. It also connects the hundreds of homes to the only drinking water well and borehole. Currently residents don't have access to clean water.

3. Through our Small Business Loans Program, we will provide small loans to those who have lost their businesses as they endeavor to rebuild their livelihoods.

We ask you again to join us in to support our community. If you would like to make a contribution you can donate through our website and mark the donation as “Support for the mudslide victims”. For those in Uganda, please feel free to contact our Coordinator Maureen (0773 909 360) for any contributions including In-Kind items.

We will be posting all updates about the situation on our facebook page, please follow us.

Sincerely, Annette Champney President, PDI Board of Directors

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