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Early Childhood Interventions

District Learning Assessments

PDI is a district partner for UWEZO,   an initiative of Twaweza East Africa operating in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Uwezo conducts annual large scale, citizen-led, household-based assessments that measure actual levels of children's literacy and numeracy across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, with the aim of increasing basic literacy and competencies among children ages 6-16. 

As a partner organization PDI was contracted to manage 2015 annual learning assessment in Bududa District. Our mandate was to take overall charge of the process as the implementing partner in the district to carry out a pre- assessment exercise, recruit and train 60 volunteers who would later carry out the assessment.  UWEZO publishes national results each year; the quality of data collected by UWEZO has over the years provided a reliable source to the situation analysis in Uganda. 

This partnership not only fits in our objective of improving education gaps in Uganda but provided us with the opportunity to assess the needs first hand.  This data and understanding of the community informs our programming. 

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