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Empowering Individuals.

Educating Communities.

Changing Lives.


Welcome to PDI Uganda

Pathways Development Initiative (PDI) is dedicated to equip individuals with skills to build sustainable livelihoods, and invest in the education of their children as a means of breaking from extreme poverty. PDI is a non-governmental organization that exists to mobilize and empower individuals and communities to improve their livelihoods and to understand the role of education as a means to fighting poverty and transforming their lives.

Your generous support to PDI Uganda will go towards:

Various forms of support are welcome at PDI, including financial donations, volunteer services, and contributions to our Small Loans Program that helps women to access small loans for business creation.

PDI is dedicated to work with communities, individuals and families to build sustainable livelihoods and invest in education as a means of fighting extreme poverty and transforming their lives.

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